Aerospace & Aviation

Keep Products and Technical Manuals Current

Each year, aerospace and aviation companies spend billions of dollars to ensure that their product and technical manuals remain current and reflect the latest developments in aircraft maintenance technology.

The stakes are high. In addition to potential safety-related issues, the Federal Transportation Authority will ground aircraft without up-to-the-minute documentation.

Keeping those complex technical and maintenance documents current, however, represents a major challenge for aviation and aerospace companies. To do so adequately, most companies need to convert legacy manuals into automated work books, improve authoring and collaboration systems with other suppliers and stay abreast of constantly changing industry guidelines and standards such as AECMA and ATA.

With our deep experience in technical documentation systems, we can help aerospace and aviation overcome these challenges. For example, we recently helped a U.S. airline deploy an aircraft maintenance documentation system that supports S1000D, an emerging XML-based standard for all aerospace and defense companies.

From Document Linking to XML Conversion

Our extensive experience in XML and link management can help aerospace and aviation companies improve document linking systems, deploy content management systems, streamline the production of training manuals and convert legacy documents to XML.



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