Education Publishing

Compete in Today's Marketplace

To survive in an increasingly competitive landscape, education publishers are learning to operate by new rules.

From corporate training to traditional school textbooks, scholarly publishers are searching for the tools and business strategies that will enable them to generate content faster, provide enhanced searching capabilities and functionality and deliver a wider range of information products to customers.

Pricing is just one issue compelling them to innovate. For example, to keep college textbook costs in line, publishers are creating customized textbooks that incorporate materials from different authors and chapters from multiple books without requiring students to buy several books for one course.

K-12 publishers are also seeking to find new ways to streamline the publishing of updated versions of elementary and high school textbooks by reusing content and new production techniques. Finally, the growth of web-based learning tools is also forcing educational publishers to adapt in an ongoing effort to ensure that course material remains fresh and relevant.

For the past decade, Innodata has been recognized as the best choice for educational publishers, helping them step up to the challenge of ensuring that content remains current, while also improving their bottom line. We've helped many of the world's leading educational publishers and academic institutions digitize content for web sites, generate information in multiple formats and provide editorial services to meet emerging needs. We can help you focus on expanding your audience and meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.



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