Information Technology

Streamlined Content Supply Chains

Information technology companies face massive documentation requirements for customers as well as engineers, research scientists and business partners.

The documentation requirements for most information technology companies are massive. Not only must they deliver extensive product documentation to customers, they also need to exchange key data with engineers, research scientists and business partners.

In an environment where product lifecycles are measured in weeks and months, inaccurate or incomplete information could delay time to market, lowering profits and eroding market share. Moreover, inaccurate information released to consumers could also lead to extensive product litigation.

For years, a lack of industry-wide data exchange standards has hindered efforts to streamline the business process required to create, manage and distribute this information. Different departments wasted time re-entering data and combining multiple data types into final documents. Authors focused on making reports look good, instead of using their technical expertise to fine-tune the content. This problem increases exponentially for global organizations that need to provide localized content to a worldwide audience.

Innodata can help IT companies overcome these obstacles by deploying content management systems that support single-source publishing and enable the reuse of content. For example, we recently helped one major high-tech client create a multi-lingual single-source publishing environment that delivered significant cost savings.

The fact is, we can help you at any point in the production chain, including content creation, processing and management.



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