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In the information-intensive legal services industry, the accuracy of documents or evidence can often spell the difference between success and failure.

Corporate clients are increasingly pressuring law firms and legal services providers to reduce costs. In response, these firms are turning to a new breed of legal process experts for everything from legal research to litigation support.

But finding the right partner — one that can be relied upon to deliver high levels of accuracy and precision — is not easy. That's why it's important to work with a partner you can trust, one with a proven track record and tested methodologies, along with experience in both U.S. and U.K. law.

A partner like Innodata.

With teams led by lawyers and legal professionals, we can help law firms, corporate legal departments and litigation support providers lower costs on a number of time-intensive, knowledge-based tasks. This includes legal research, deposition digesting and electronic data discovery and review.

We can also help legal services providers process large volumes of legal documents as well as code materials for use in legal actions. And we can easily scale our operations to help clients meet significant spikes in production volumes.

For example, we're currently providing legal document processing and litigation coding services for two of the world's largest legal services providers, enabling them to reduce their litigation support costs and improve the overall accuracy of service provided to their customers.

Our combined expertise in knowledge services and document processing makes us a logical choice for firms seeking a reliable legal process partner.



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