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Telecommunications firms need to merge new information seamlessly with legacy data created in environments that don't support massive amounts of data in multiple formats.

As telecommunications companies connect people in far-flung locations, they also create and manage tremendous amounts of documentation. Each new product and subsequent upgrade must be supported by new manuals and user guides, printed as well as on-line. In addition, this information also needs to be delivered to wireless devices at any time and place.

To manage this flow of data, telecoms need to merge new information seamlessly with legacy documentation created in environments that did not support large amounts of data in multiple formats. Moreover, fierce competition places enormous pressure on these companies to lower costs and shorten the time necessary to create and manage this data.

Case Study

Case Study: One Source, Multiple Outputs

A global telecommunications company that sells almost 400 million mobile phones each year asked Innodata Isogen to help streamline its publishing process for user manuals. The company had converted documents into SGML via a dual work stream for electronic and print versions of the manuals.

Because this was too time-consuming and expensive, Innodata Isogen built a system that enabled one source document to be published in multiple formats, in multiple languages. This allowed for faster time to market, significant savings and higher revenue growth.

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Innodata Isogen has enabled a number of telecommunications companies to meet this challenge. For example, we helped one telecom deploy a new single-source publishing system that published a source document in multiple formats, driving significant cost savings, faster time to market and higher revenue growth. We're also working with a telecommunications equipment manufacturer to help them convert technical documents from a proprietary format to XML.

We can help:

    •   Create, gather and manage large amounts of data
    •   Update legacy information economically into new formats
    •   Re-use and re-purpose data
    •   Translate documents into multiple languages and dialects
    •   Interchange data with other companies and regulatory agencies

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