Dutch-Language Legal Editing and Production Saves Venerable Product Line


Professional Publishing Giant Outsources All Editorial and Production Activities on Key Product Line to Improve Productivity and Lower Costs


The Dutch legal publishing subsidiary of a multinational publishing giant needed to improve the profitability of a venerable product line.

The company produces more than 800 highly specialized legal titles every year, each about 1,000 pages, written in Dutch and requiring a team of legal experts. The company also creates a searchable index of daily updates to Dutch law. They were struggling to maintain and manage both of these projects in house. Production costs were high and work processes were inefficient.


The company turned to the consulting practice at Innodata . Our team of consultants had already gained the company’s trust through a previous consulting engagement where we analyzed the parent company’s workflows in seven European countries and pointed out costly inefficiencies.

The company decided against developing and implementing improved workflows in-house. Instead, they came to us for outsourced editorial and production services because we demonstrated that we could perform these activities more efficiently and cost effectively than the company could themselves.

We provided the company with outsourced editorial and production services through teams of Dutch legal subject-matter experts and Dutch-speaking editors based in Sri Lanka and Israel, where labor costs are advantageous.


With a multi-shore workforce, we were able to calibrate the location and skill sets of our teams to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of ongoing editorial and production processes.

As the company’s editorial arm, we receive the author’s initial draft in Microsoft Word® form. Our team of Dutch-speaking editors, led by an expert in Dutch law, copy edit the book to the company’s standards, and send the edited version back to the author, who can accept or challenge the changes. Our editors negotiate the changes with the author until all parties are satisfied.

Once editing is complete, our production experts prepare the book for print and online distribution. Our team creates any necessary images, completes the print layout and creates a final PDF that is sent to the printer. The text is also marked up in XML and converted to an EPUB eBook version, which is completely searchable and available online.

The company also turns to us for projects with virtually instant turnarounds. Each day, our team creates a searchable index of all changes to Dutch law. On the same day the announcements are made, our team of Dutch-speaking legal experts edits them to ensure anonymity of all mentioned in compliance with Dutch regulations, codes them in XML and uploads them to the company’s content delivery system where they are completely searchable.


By outsourcing the publishing processes, the company was able to increase effi ciency and cut costs by a third without spending the time, money and effort to develop and implement new work processes themselves.




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