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Innodata Isogen Helps Create News and Intelligence Products for Industry-Specific Users


Each morning, SmartBrief sends free industry-specific email briefings to nearly 3 million executives across 25 industries. Each brief aggregates content from trade journals, news feeds, analyst reports, blog posts, op-ed pieces and other industry-specifi c media. SmartBrief’s editors hand pick the most relevant content, summarize it, link to the original sources and deliver it online, for free.

To provide this service, immense amounts of data must be read, sorted and summarized — overnight. SmartBrief faced a tradeoff. They knew that doing the work in-house would mean sacrifi cing more creative, long-term projects, but they didn’t know what kind of outsourcing solutions existed.


SmartBrief needed a knowledge services solution that would allow them to produce and distribute high-quality content with an almost real-time turnaround.

They tested numerous vendors by measuring how well they performed on writing and editing tasks under time constraints. Innodata Isogen received the highest scores and was named the vendor of choice.

Innodata Isogen immediately began devising a solution to overcome the project’s challenges. We found a way to seemingly beat the clock by establishing an editorial production team in the Philippines, which is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Our team of fluent English-speaking editors, copy editors and researchers can work through the East Coast night to ensure 25 email updates are ready to go each morning.


Innodata Isogen quickly assembled a Philippines-based team of researchers, editors and copy editors, all of whom received intensive training on the company’s editorial criteria and taxonomy, or way of indexing. Once our group was trained, they immediately began sourcing and producing content.

While the East Coast sleeps, the Philippines team is working on a tight deadline, gathering the most up-to-date news, studies and information.

Each of the 25 email updates requires 8 to 15 articles per day, which must meet the company’s criteria. The team performs extensive research to find and evaluate articles, then summarizes each one it selects and tags it using the company’s taxonomy.

Throughout the process, we’re in constant communication with SmartBrief, receiving immediate feedback to ensure the quality of the updates.

Our team submits the final versions of the updates to the SmartBrief’s content delivery system, and the emails land in executives’ inboxes by the start of the U.S. workday.


SmartBrief’s mission is to save their customers time while keeping them informed. They accomplished their mission thanks to their partnership with Innodata Isogen. Because of the time difference, the Philippines team has a 12-hour head start over a U.S.-based team. The company’s emails are chock full of the freshest, latest news, giving them a competitive advantage over other information providers.

With low costs and quick production times, we helped SmartBrief cut expenses, increase readership and spend more time on their longterm business development. Because the Innodata Isogen team serves as their editorial arm, the SmartBrief staff can spend their time on business-building initiatives.



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