Innodata Brings Chemistry Journal Back on Track

Global Resources Lower Costs and Speed Production Time


When an American specialty publisher needed technical content generated for a monthly journal that provided summaries of and commentaries on the latest chemistry research, it initially attempted to hire U.S.-based scientists to complete the work. However, the publisher quickly realized that it simply couldn’t engage the highly educated chemists it needed at a price that made sense for the product.

The client also needed a flexible workforce that could be ramped up or scaled down to meet the peaks and valleys of an unpredictable workflow. These labor challenges led to glaring holes in the journal’s content, created a huge backlog of articles waiting to be summarized, and put production way behind schedule.

The Solution

When the client turned to Innodata Isogen in early 2008, that backlog had grown to well over 200 articles. The company initially looked to us to help them create a viable staffing model that could bring the editorial work back on schedule.

Innodata Isogen quickly leveraged our expertise in scientific / technical / medical (STM) publishing to recruit a highly qualified offshore team, with every member bringing proven experience in both publishing and chemistry. These subject matter experts jumped into summarize and abstract the scientific content; we also assembled a small team of PhD-level chemists to review their work.

This flexible, cost-effective solution quickly paid off for the client. Our highly adaptable staffing model allowed the publisher to deploy the resources it needed, when it needed them, to bring the project back on schedule.


Our collaboration ended up extending far beyond talent management. Using editorial outsourcing as the launching point for our project, we developed a wide-ranging partnership with the client that brought our objective perspective to every step of their editorial and production processes. We engaged in thorough research to understand the requirements to produce an article; we also analyzed content going back three years to determine where gaps existed and where to focus our initial efforts and created a well-documented style guide that improved consistency among their writers. This step was critical in enhancing our understanding of the client’s needs and developing the staffing model.

We also partnered with the client to formalize and implement standards for the work and to create appropriate benchmarks and performance metrics. Codifying the steps would ensure that all resources could on board seamlessly and immediately begin generating usable content.


Our solution brought the publication back on track significantly ahead of schedule, clearing the backlog of work quickly and accurately at a significant cost savings to the client. It also provided the publisher with a step-by-step breakdown of its processes, a valuable tool that would help them keep the editorial work on track and on budget after our involvement ended.

This successful project highlights Innodata Isogen's ability to work with clients to develop flexible, cost-saving solutions that, when necessary, can extend beyond outsourcing. Our access to talent — PhD-level SMEs with publishing experience, in this instance — gives our clients the resources they need to complete their projects quickly and with exceptional quality. Taking a consultative approach, we collaborate with our clients to assess complex situations, looking beyond the initial challenge to assess the root cause of any issues and to deliver custom solutions geared to the unique needs of each situation.

Our exclusive access to global scientific and technical talent facilitates workforce flexibility and offers the ability to deploy resources when and where necessary, reducing fixed costs. This cost-saving approach improves both go-to-market time and the bottom line for our clients.



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