Innodata Converted a Full Product Line of Content for a New e-Reader Platform



A new player in the e-reader space was building an integrated content and commerce platform to deliver a wide variety of e-publications, including newspapers, magazines, books and blogs. All content needed to be optimized for wireless delivery to e-readers and other devices, such as smartphones and netbooks. Newspapers and magazines from this distributor, unlike those from other distributors, would maintain their multi-column format and look like real-life documents.

To get the platform up and running, the company needed to convert thousands of backlist books to an online format. Complicating their efforts, many of the publications were time sensitive (newspapers, for example) and needed to be digitized in less than 7 hours. Meeting those challenges in-house would be time consuming and costly.


The company asked Innodata to produce their entire line of e-publications. Innodata immediately devised a plan to accommodate the scale and time-sensitive nature of the project. The team operated two efficient processes, one for converting books to e-books and another, more rapid-fire approach, to digitize newspapers and magazines.

When the team received book data in PDF format from publishers, they extracted the text, cleaned it and then tagged it to match the EPUB specifications. Next, the text was proofed and spell-checked. The last step was to package it with metadata — like date, publisher, author and ISBN — and load it into the distributor’s system.

For the magazine and newspaper digitization process, our team in the Philippines (12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time) worked during the day to deliver content the next morning.

Magazine and newspaper data usually arrived in PDF or InDesign format. The team extracted and cleaned the content, converted it to XML and then tagged it for the client’s style sheets. They verified the visual accuracy of the content by displaying it on the client’s rendering technology and corrected the style sheets whenever necessary.


With proven processes and tool sets in place, our experienced team got our client up and running on budget and ahead of schedule. The company became one of a small handful of new competitors to challenge the leading platform providers for market share.



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