Innodata Converted Thousands of High Priority Titles for Sony


Sony, a leader in the e-book segment, had licensed massive quantities of books they needed digitized and converted to EPUB, the e-book standard file format. Converting hundreds of thousands of hardcover books from printable files to formats suitable for an e-reader was no small task. To make matters worse, many of Sony’s books were “high priority titles,” such as titles on The New York Times Bestseller List, which needed to be returned to Sony in 24 hours or less.

In keeping with its brand and reputation, Sony wanted to ensure conversions were rapid, cost-effective and high quality. Handling this project in-house would be costly and time consuming. Sony quickly realized that the key to success was finding a partner with the right experience and technical know-how.


Sony turned to Innodata. With our sophisticated content production infrastructure and extensive experience converting large content sets, Innodata quickly and cost-effectively helped Sony convert its books and populate its e-bookstore. We minimized the risk of conversion errors and maximized the speed of the project’s completion. Our flexibility enabled us to scale-up our operations so that we could take on large quantities of content and move books through the system quickly.

Innodata immediately implemented several technical solutions to automate the conversion process of the most common types of books. This automation greatly decreased Sony’s time-to-market. Additionally, our cutting-edge training methods enabled us to build our staff capabilities quickly. With ten state-of-the-art production facilities staffed by highly skilled workers, we could spread work across different geographic regions to ensure that projects progressed even in the event of an emergency.


Sony became a leader in the e-book market and they gained confidence about their ability to populate its various devices with compelling content because of their partnership with Innodata. With low costs and quick production times, we helped Sony improve revenues and cost savings. Sony was pleased to expand the titles behind its offering by working with a partner that enabled it to respond rapidly as the market evolved. As Sony’s primary conversion vendor for its e-bookstore, we allowed Sony personnel to concentrate on their core business of selling the Reader device.



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