Innodata Cuts Document Production Costs in Half

The International Air Transport Association Outsources Digitization and Page Composition to Innodata Isogen, Dramatically Reducing Production Costs


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) establishes standards and regulations for the airline industry. They represent more than 230 airlines comprising 93 percent of scheduled international air traffic.

One of the IATA’s most important services is the production and distribution of more than 300 documents — in multiple languages — to 150,000 aviation professionals in nearly 150 countries. Because they reflect critical policy changes in areas like safety, security and scheduling, many documents are updated four or more times per year.

Accuracy, timeliness and cost effectiveness are imperative for IATA’s operations, but their publishing process had become an antiquated and unwieldy mix of manual and electronic processes.

Authored texts were edited in Microsoft® Word, laid out in a page composition system and converted to PDF format. Changes made to the document when it was in the page composition system weren’t reflected in the original text file, which led to duplication of effort.

IATA knew they had to move to electronic document production and delivery methods and find a less expensive alternative for producing their documents.


IATA began searching for a company with extensive conversion experience. After a significant selection process, they chose Innodata Isogen because of our skills, experience, and expertise in converting overwhelming amounts of unstructured data into well-structured XML formats. We also have extensive, cost-effective offshore resources available for document production.


Initially, we set out to convert all of IATA’s 300-plus documents to an XML format that they could use with their existing page composition system, but as work progressed, it became apparent that the current page composition system wouldn’t meet IATA’s needs. Because it was older, the number of people with the knowledge of the system was dwindling. Plus, its support of XML lacked the elegance of more modern solutions.

Once the documents were converted, IATA outsourced the task of page composition to Innodata Isogen because our offshore resources allowed us to do the work for far less than it would’ve cost stateside. We perform page layout, check for style consistency, proofread, and index content.

In less than nine months, IATA had a complete, converted collection of its files and was relying on us to produce their documents for them.


IATA approached Innodata Isogen with the goal of reducing costs. By providing low cost offshore resources who could take over their document production process and eliminating manual steps from production processes, we helped IATA cut their costs of processing, publishing and delivering information in half.

Moreover, outsourcing their document production processes has allowed IATA to focus on more critical strategic tasks to continue improving their organization.



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