Innodata Enabled a Legal Publisher to Deliver Content in Multiple Formats



A leading publisher who had been creating legal resources for more than 200 years wanted to maximize their revenues by making all of their resources available in a wide variety of formats to meet customers’ needs. Specifically, they wanted to target print, e-reader, EPUB and MobiPocket formats.

In the past, the company had to transform content to each format individually, incurring extra costs and taking additional time. The company wanted to simplify this process of delivering products to its customers while also making it faster and more cost-effective.


The company turned to Innodata to develop their solution since we had successfully performed numerous content transformations for them in the past. The company’s familiarity with the high quality of our work made us the first and best choice for this assignment. They relied on us to create an ecosystem based on technology from MarkLogic that would allow the publisher to deliver its content to multiple formats without individually converting to each one.

Our XML transformation experts converted the publisher’s existing PDF content into XML format. We then parsed and validated the XML content and stored it in the MarkLogic repository. We created a Web portal and interfaces that would allow the publisher to deliver content in any format   ePub, HTML, PDF and MobiPocket   by simply choosing the desired format from a pull-down menu.

When the time would come to update content, the publisher could use the portal to locate the content, enter the changes and upload them to the repository for subsequent use. They could do this without the need for further content transformations, saving additional time and cost.


Because the idea of transforming once and then delivering to multiple formats simultaneously was so revolutionary, the company was initially skeptical that the task could be accomplished. We proved that the concept could work successfully. The company now is able to easy convert content into four different formats with the touch of a button. By offering content in the formats its customers demand, the company was able to maximize its revenue.



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