Innodata Helped Thomas Nelson Put 1,200 Titles On Sale at Apple’s iBookstore



Struggling with decreasing book sales, Thomas Nelson knew that if it didn’t embrace a new concept and act quickly to distribute its titles as e-books, the Christian publisher’s bottom line would likely dip further.

At first, the company wanted to convert its 8,000 print-only backlist into e-book files so customers could access a complete set of archives from its online store. But as more and more e-book stores came online in conjunction with proprietary e-readers, Thomas Nelson realized that in order to optimize its sales opportunities, it needed to make some old and new titles available at other e-book stores (such as Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble to name a few).

The announcement and subsequent release of Apple’s iPad, however, turned the heads of publishers like no other e-reader on the market. Considering that Apple announced it would only provide 30,000 titles from six of the biggest publishers at the iBookstore, it would be challenging to break into that elite group.


Enter Innodata. We stepped in and offered Thomas Nelson an XML-based solution. Using backfile-published, printer-ready PDFs, Innodata created intermediary XML files that could be transformed to Docbook, EPUB and Mobipocket formats simultaneously using its integrated software tool.

Thomas Nelson and Apple came to an agreement that the iBookstore would carry their works. As soon as Apple launched the iPad and applications were in place, nearly 1,200 Thomas Nelson bestselling titles were available for purchase from the iBookstore.


Innodata's dedicated production team turned around high priority titles in a day, enabling the client to make the most of the bestselling titles through the Internet. The team maintained high quality for all deliverables, guaranteeing 99.99% accuracy for all the content.

The project helped Thomas Nelson identify ways to retool its publishing processes to make digital content a central component rather than an afterthought. Thomas Nelson was able to provide its backlist to several new e-book sales partners and cut time-to-market for existing partnerships. The bottom line is that sales went up and efficiency improved.



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