Innodata Helps Leading Publisher Convert Content Once and Deliver it to Multiple Mobile Devices



A leading publisher of resources for businesses and professionals had created vast amounts of content in the form of printed books and online content. As its customers increasingly adopted interactive mobile devices, such as iPads and Androids, the company wanted to increase its revenue stream by making its content available on these devices.

The company decided to create a comprehensive ecosystem that would allow their publishers to upload content and then make that content available on browsers and various eReader devices through the use of REST APIs. They also wanted to take advantage of the most recent developments in technology and content structure to automate the entire process of validating the content and generating the metadata necessary to support key eReader features.

The company initially determined that the MarkLogic server would be the ideal technology platform for this ecosystem. Unlike other solutions that required separate tools for storing data, performing searches and transforming content, MarkLogic incorporated all of these capabilities into a single solution.

Enter Innodata

MarkLogic recommended that Innodata provide the expertise the company needed to build the ecosystem using their solution. We are a premiere MarkLogic partner and have more than 25 years of experience converting XML documents in the publishing industry. We’re also known for developing innovative solutions for ingesting content and submitting it across multiple formats.

Solution and Implementation

Innodata created an ecosystem based on MarkLogic technology that enables the publisher to deliver its content through multiple smart devices without converting it individually to each one.

First, we developed the MarkLogic content repository and helped develop the content architecture so that the content can be stored as XHTML5. We also developed the REST API’s that enable the publishers to submit their content to the content repository. The system automatically validates the content to ensure it conforms to the required structure in the repository.

We developed automated scripts to automatically generate relevant metadata for rendering the content for display and use on mobile devices.

Next, we developed the REST API’s that allow browsers and iPads to access the content. Both browsers and the iPad now have interesting never-before-seen capabilities that are only possible because of the agility of the MarkLogic server and the REST capabilities.


Innodata created a content transformation ecosystem that allowed the publisher to quickly and cost-effectively deliver the same content to multiple smart mobile devices.

With their new platform, the company was able to lower the lifetime costs of conversions by performing a one-time conversion that replaced repeated manual conversions to individual browsers and mobile devices.

The company now has the flexibility to rapidly deliver its content to new and multiple eProduct formats without conversions, giving it the flexibility to quickly meet the changing needs of customers as they acquire new mobile devices.



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