Innodata Lowers Costs for Launch of New Information Product

Speeding Time-to-Market Provides a Competitive Advantage


Launching a new product represents both an opportunity and a risk for all companies. For one information services firm that delivers decision-support tools to the desktops of professionals, a new legal offering presented a tremendous opportunity to attract new clients and defend its turf against competitors.

The firm also faced a dilemma: while it required a quick launch of the offering, the firm also needed to keep costs under control to remain profitable. Building the content management and delivery infrastructure from scratch, however, would require extensive investment and would take months to complete. In addition, stiff competition in this arena severely constrained the firm’s pricing options for the new offering...


The firm turned to Innodata Isogen, based on our reputation as the leader in knowledge process outsourcing and a service provider with experience in keeping costs low and getting complex projects up and running. The client selected us to help it develop the new offering quickly and avoid excessive ramp-up costs, while it retained full strategic control of its new offering.

Innodata Isogen has built dozens of publishing systems for publishers, information services companies and large enterprises. Moreover, we have gained extensive experience researching and tagging legal content in the annotation services work we perform for legal publishers.

This experience was critical from our customer’s perspective. Legal content differs dramatically from scientific or financial content. Innodata Isogen's team of legal experts understood the nuances in categories, such as legal citations and relationships between various legal content. That meant we were able to ensure that the content specialists who worked on this project tagged and indexed content accurately.


Innodata Isogen's strong track record with this client gave the project team a head start in developing the game plan to design the information product, build the content delivery system and fill the pipeline with new, refined content.

Over the course of the 18 month project, Innodata Isogen helped the firm implement a new publishing system, built automated categorization tools and set-up the content workflow, which required tight integration between the firm’s U.S. staff and Innodata Isogen's content production teams.

Due to the project’s complexity, and the need for Innodata Isogen to process between 60 and 100 megabytes of data each day, once the project shifted into full production, the team started gradually testing how efficiently the content specialists could extract and convert the content from the original documents.

A key phase of this stage of the project was to develop a workflow that would enable the team to mark-up the content in an easily accessible format that would accommodate multiple searches for a wide variety of legal rulings and case histories.

At the same time, Innodata Isogen's professional services team developed a web interface for the firm that allowed content to be mapped onto the firm’s ”legal trees.” The firm used these data models to aggregate the case histories, court rulings and other documents, according to categories such as Sarbanes-Oxley or rulings by individual U.S. judges.


Teaming with Innodata Isogen's helped the firm significantly accelerate the timetable for the product launch. The product began generating top-line revenue growth within weeks of its launch. In addition, the firm reduced its overall product development costs by 40 percent, savings that significantly offset the costs of launching this new product.

The project showcased Innodata Isogen's ability to blend the talents of its content management and professional services units into a cohesive team that can deliver a solution that meets the needs of a demanding client.

Innodata Isogen is currently working with the firm to launch other information services products for its customers.



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