Innodata Provides Litigation Coding Services to Legal Services Giant


Innodata Isogen Helps Legal Services Firm Improve Quality and Consistency, Lower Costs


In the information-intensive legal services industry, the accuracy of documents or evidence can sometimes spell the difference between success and failure. In addition to the sheer volume of documentation that needs to be maintained, legal firms also face increasing pressure to keep costs low, respond quickly and accurately to customer requirements and to manage business risks effectively.

Adding to the challenge are increasingly complex regulatory requirements as well as the continuing trend toward mergers, which results in a mish-mash of different business processes, workflows, IT systems, information formats – even personnel policies.


To address this challenge, one legal services firm sought an offshore solution that would help it meet three major business goals:

  • Find a low-cost alternative to on-shore coding
  • Develop a long-term relationship with an offshoring partner that could provide rapid turnaround time and also scale operations rapidly
  • Provide risk management against the constant fluctuations in the need for risk management support

The firm chose Innodata Isogen for its proven track record in document processing, litigation coding and data conversion. With a solid background in litigation content conversion, document management and large-scale XML content conversion, Innodata Isogen could give the firm a head-start in revamping the process flow for acquiring, validating and managing the documents. And with its deep pool of talent, particularly subject matter experts in various legal disciplines, Innodata Isogen could also scale its operations to support the dramatic peaks and valleys in the firm’s production volumes.


Innodata Isogen began by determining the processes required to handle the type, volume, and complexity of the source material. Using a combination of industry best practices and proprietary technology targeted at litigation support, they designed a customized coding and indexing process that would meet the accuracy requirements of the customer by building in a number of quality control gates at crucial hand-off points.

To kick off the project, Innodata Isogen began reviewing the documents to prepare the files for automated monitoring. Content was placed in a structured database that created two types of files: one that contained control number information and a human readable text file showing identifying information.

Once the files were organized and indexed, Innodata Isogen began modifying the processes to become more uniform and accurate. Documents were grouped into intellectual units or groups and appropriate metadata, such as type and physical characteristics of the documents, were added. When the documents were ready for conversion, Innodata Isogen performed the optical character recognition (OCR) process, sending the output to electronic files in the various formats required to capture and scan data.

Capturing and validating data according to project specifications, Innodata Isogen reviewed the consistency and accuracy of coded data and conducted a detailed quality audit. The goal of the audit was to ensure that output forms met the client’s format and accuracy requirements. Any files that failed to pass the audit were reprocessed and revalidated. Innodata Isogen performed the final steps to return the documents to the customer – making sure that the customer could incorporate the files easily into existing business processes and structures.


The verdict is in. By outsourcing document processing to Innodata Isogen, the client is now able to meet its business goals, manage forms more efficiently and avoid the risks associated with dramatic fluctuations in staffing.

Just as important, the firm can now focus on its core business: winning and fulfilling additional major litigation support contracts.



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