Information Technology

A Better Way to Develop Products

IT expenditures in content operations at media, publishing and information services companies continue to mount, representing a steadily increasing share of overall spending on content operations.

Our team of more than 5,500 professionals in nine global operations centers, provides content-centric information technology outsourcing (ITO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to approximately 200 major media, publishing and information services companies worldwide.

We blend subject matter, process and technology expertise into integrated total solutions. This combination of content-focused competencies means that we can lower the total cost of ownership across an organization’s entire content supply chain and improve the value derived from it.

Software Visualization

The old document-based model for capturing product requirements no longer works well. It’s too slow and too few people have the time to read and work through the details.

We create working visual models that can be quickly used to iterate and evolve requirements for any new application, system or product. Seeing a working model helps stakeholders iterate design and functionality without disrupting the productivity of development staff.

Business owners have more opportunities to innovate, test and be more responsive to users. At the same, they can better manage costs, avoiding change orders, project delays and cost over-runs.

Rethinking Assumptions

Early on, Innodata had many clients in the manufacturing sector that spent tens of millions annually producing documents to support their products. Unsentimental about publishing’s craft traditions, these companies eagerly helped develop SGML, and then XML, as tools to rationalize the publishing process.

Our leadership in standards-based systems and solutions helped fundamentally shape this approach to publishing. The approach conceives of publishing as a manageable business process which can be broken up into constituent parts, distributed to a global assembly line and streamlined with process improvements, tools and technology.

Optimizing Spend

Content applications and systems need to be modified frequently as new technologies and new demands emerge. A growing number of publishing companies have determined that maintaining content technology platforms is not only expensive, but inefficient.

Innodata has its own global technology infrastructure already in place and the most experienced IT solutions teams in our competitive set.

We combine specialization, scale and operations centers in high-value labor markets, to create compelling economies for our clients. This means that our clients get more bang for their buck.

Value to the Bottom Line

Truth is content technologies are proliferating. And with them, hype. How do you separate fact from fiction? In a landscape littered with failed deployments, it makes sense to work with a company focused on outcomes.

At Innodata, our entire organization is focused on helping clients overcome information management and publishing challenges. We capture innovation from a broad range of engagements in the content industry. And we use this knowledge to create practical solutions with demonstrable impact, helping clients reduce expenses, speed time-to-market and deliver more innovative products and services to customers.

Innodata has unrivaled experience designing and deploying editorial and production workflow systems, tightly coupled with expertise in a comprehensive range of editorial, composition and workflow tools.



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