Knowledge Management

Finding Data

Intellectual property. Customer information. Product documentation. Trillions of bytes of data stored within corporate databases, intranets and Web sites.

Dozens of knowledge-management tools and semantic web technologies, from search applications to text analysis, have emerged to help organizations share, interpret and leverage the wealth of information now available.

But there's more to finding data and creating a cohesive knowledge management strategy than simply plugging in a search application. In fact, companies that lock their metadata within proprietary search applications may find themselves unable to adopt new knowledge models or switch to a different platform in the future. Moreover, even the best enterprise search applications still tend to generate irrelevant results or deliver them devoid of context, leaving users to continue sifting through dozens, if not hundreds, of results.

Conquer Information Overload

Innodata can help you overcome information overload. We helped a leading European media company develop an enterprise search strategy that enabled employees and customers to access information stored within 30 separate systems.

We're also helping a large intelligence agency select and deploy tools that will allow analysts to sort through mountains of information pulled from disparate sources, including databases and external Web sites.

A Leader in Knowledge Management Solutions

We start with a basic premise: your content and its supporting metadata is more important than any particular technology platform. We then analyze search applications and existing knowledge models to determine the approach that best meets the needs of your organization.

Innodata is widely recognized for our expertise and leadership in the field of open standards and standards-based content technologies. Our engineers have authored many of the XML-related standards at the W3C, ISO, IETF, OASIS and other standards-setting bodies, and we employ some of the top experts in content repository cross-linking.



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