Introducing the brand new Innodata logo!

new-logoWe are excited to be unveiling our new Innodata logo on our website and on our most recently issued Annual Report. You will also see it showcased on social media platforms and soon on all company-related materials as well.

The new logo provides a visual identity suitable for the next chapters in Innodata’s story.  It consists of a symbol and a wordmark. The symbol depicts our mission of combining AI technologies and human subject matter expertise to enable innovation through digital data and the transformation of raw data into “smart data” required by information products and enterprise AI applications.

We’re rolling out the new logo at a time when we’re celebrating our success in applying machine learning to the work we do in legal, medical, sciences, and other data refinement and incorporating – for the first time ever – active learning retroaction loops that drive continuous improvements in automation and accuracy.

“I am confident that the new symbol will continue to inspire all of us to progressively greater levels of technological innovation in all that we do,” says Innodata CEO and Chairman, Jack Abuhoff.

Look for the new logo on all company-related materials as we continue to roll it out in the coming weeks!