Data Transformation

The API for turning raw data into the tagged or extracted data you need, at scale

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Discover How to Develop Rich Datasets from Complex Documents

Complex Data Transformation is Now an Easily-Configured API.

We’ve eliminated the need for you to manage complex infrastructures by combining humans-in-the-loop, model development and model maintenance into an easy API, with full data transparency.

Trained Models

Over 100 models trained on complex documents and built on our sequence labeling and sequence-to-sequence deep learning architectures, which are uniquely suited for rich data tagging and data extraction.


Over 3,500 in-house SMEs across healthcare, medicine, sciences, finance and law who train the AI models and keep them performing through confidence estimation and feedback loops (orchestrated active learning).

End-To-End Security

AES 256 end-to-end encryption and other safeguards for PHI and PII.

Easy API

Code against the Innodata API to automate document transformation and embed transformed data into your workflows and apps. Innodata API provides endpoints to all data transformation services with full transparency.

Data Transformation Services

Transform both proprietary and public data to normalized, tagged or extracted data for best-in-class AI/ML applications, data products, and data-driven workflows for better, faster decision-making.

Web Data Acquisition

Monitor and extract structured and unstructured web data at scale.

Web Scraping | Website Change Detection | File Formatting

Format Conversion

Transform content for downstream processing and analytics.

Digitization | OCR | PDF Extraction

Data tagging & Linking

Entity and semantic tagging for enhanced discovery and analytics.

Semantic, Concept and Entity Tagging | Structural Tagging| Linking and Cross-Referencing

Data Extraction

Turn unstructured text into normalized, data model-conforming data points for computer addressability.

Concept Normalization | Link to Source | Metadata Management

The World's Most Advanced AI-First Data Transformation Platform

Plug-and-play machine learning micro-services. Experts-in-the loop workbenches. A high-performance data lake. State-of-the art orchestration layer. It’s the place where human and machines come together to produce the highest quality data with the utmost efficiency.
Data Transformation

Data Transformation In Action

Innodata data transformation
Getting Started is Simple
step 1
Define your needs and goals
step 2
Share your sample documents
step 3
Provide us your data schema (or we can build it for you)
step 4

Establish connectivity via API or other means

step 5
Run POCs
Success Stories

Learn how we’re helping our clients create real value from their content.

Global Financial Firm Invests in Aggregating Regulatory Data
Global Investment Firm Banks on Legal Experts + AI to Extract Data from Complex Contracts
Media Powerhouse Extracts Rights Management Information from IP Rights Contract

(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers.


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