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Innodata Extends its “Helping Breathe” COVID-19 Relief Initiative

This past May, Innodata, a leading data engineering company, announced the “Helping Breathe” initiative, a program dedicated to providing medical relief to areas around the world requiring COVID-19 assistance. The program initially launched in India, where Innodata donated oxygen concentrators to help medical professionals treat patients with sudden drops of oxygen saturation caused by the virus. As a part of the Helping Breathe initiative, Innodata appointed a task force to continuously review the ongoing global pandemic and determine how and where Innodata can provide support to additional communities in need.

Most recently, Innodata has extended the Helping Breathe initiative to provide medical relief to the people of Suriname. Much like what was seen in India, Suriname has been in critical need of oxygen supply amidst rising COVID-19 cases over recent months. To help Suriname’s medical professionals overcome oxygen equipment shortages, Innodata, in partnership with K&K Heritage Group, donated oxygen concentrators to the Suriname Government, which will be distributed to public hospitals across the country.

As a global company with over 5,000 employees, Innodata has in-market centers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The company expanded into Suriname in 2016, where it houses a local team of editorial subject matter specialists dedicated to supporting legal and accounting information providers in the Netherlands and Belgium.  

The Helping Breathe initiative is the latest in Innodata’s long history of providing support to its surrounding communities. Innodata has heavily invested in fostering computer literacy in children and women throughout the world by building computer labs, donating computers, administering educational training, and providing continuous support to local schools and women’s shelters. Innodata conducts its business as a socially responsible corporate entity and is committed to designing programs that aid in the welfare and sustainable development of communities in which the company operates.

As the pandemic progresses, Innodata’s Helping Breathe task force will continue monitoring COVID-19 conditions globally and assessing how to provide necessary ongoing and additional relief.

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