Unlocking Nearly a Century of Scientific Discoveries with an Electronic Research Archive

A leader in applied life science research publishing since 1908 had been digitizing its records since the early 1980s. However, the huge volume of important research papers, books and other literature written from 1908 to 1983 existed only as deteriorating hard copies. Researchers produced an enormous number of discoveries during that period in the fields of medicine, the environment, development and economics. Unfortunately, many of these important discoveries had been forgotten in library archives. Some modern researchers even recreated past studies, unaware that their work had already been done until they presented it.

The publisher decided to address this challenge to provide scientists with this valuable historical information to address pressing issues such as biotechnology, germ warfare, food production and global warming. The publisher owned the rights to more than four million records from 9,000 peer reviewed journals, along with 2,500 books, conference proceedings and other papers. While some of these records were supported by well-written abstracts, many others contained none at all.

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