eReader Development and Content Distribution Platform Optimized for Learning Content

Our client is a major US distributor of textbook and digital learning materials, with services including wholesale, bookstore systems, virtual retail, and consumer websites. They are the country’s largest provider of new and used textbook content in higher education, and are consistently regarded as the industry leader in their field.

The client was a traditional learning material distributor, acting as an intermediary in the supply chain between publishers and students. The company recognized that advancements in web technologies and digital content distribution were creating a paradigm shift in the way customers consume books. With these advancements in mind, the company added online textbook content availability to their strategic goals.

The client’s vision was to develop a web-based eReader platform to target digital learners, and to distribute eTextbooks. The platform would be multi-featured, providing a secure space where customers could view all their purchased content, with their own customizations. The vision was then further extended to support mobile and tablet consumption of content, beginning with iOS compatible devices, and more recently Android devices.

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