Global Telecommunications Company Streamlines Publishing System for User Guides

To keep pace in the hotly competitive telecommunications industry, one leading global mobile phone manufacturer continually introduces products with new features into the marketplace. This strategy strengthens their brand image as an innovator, particularly among business customers who upgrade their phones at least every two or three years.

But this strategy also carries significant costs. The company sells almost 400 million mobile phones every year, and a user guide must accompany each phone. In turn, each document needs to be customized for all local markets in which the company operates. This localization requires translating the user guides into one or more than 50 national languages for those markets.

Moreover, the industry’s unrelenting price wars put the company under intense pressure to control costs. While the company needed to maintain adequate staffing levels in its technical publishing department to support product launches, they also wanted to streamline what had become a cumbersome process to produce documents for both the print and web.

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