Four Easy Steps to Better Content Development

New digital product development is often characterized by the exploration of new application features, user interfaces, and customer experiences. However, it is often the case that the underlying content cannot support them. Many of the following questions should be asked:

• What are the costs to develop the right kind of content?
• What are the potential impacts on the project schedule to re-mediate the content?
• Is it worth removing several features (or postponing to a later phase) to meet a product launch deadline?
• Wouldn’t it be best to fully understand the costs and potential trade-offs before proceeding down the path of random content development?

This paper describes our content profiling methodology to help you match up the current state of content with new multi-channel requirements. The end goal is to have a customized content readiness assessment with a specific content transition road map that will increase your odds of a successful mobile content development effort.

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