For Business Info and Media Companies

The digital data revolution is significantly affecting how business information and media companies operate. Demand for more digital offerings and content creation is growing, yet customer budgets remain flat, and content management solutions inflexible. At the same time, competition for customers is increasing as more digital content is available directly from the source, and new market entrants challenge existing players in terms of analytic depth, solution visualization, and more. Information providers must demonstrate increased value to their customers and differentiate from the competition, without increasing their costs structures.

Why Innodata?

Information and media companies turn to Innodata to optimize how they do business in this new environment. With extensive, proven experience across all publishing sectors, we combine technology and subject matter expertise to create solutions, including:

  • Content creation/acquisition to help you quickly source or develop content your customers value and are willing to pay for.
  • Content transformation and enrichment to ensure your information is easy to discover and is in the format your customers demand.
  • Workflow and content supply chain optimization to help you reduce complexity and redundancy, and develop new products faster and more efficiently.
  • Content management and delivery to help make the most of your digital data workflows and unlock your content.

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