Business information and media companies are in the business of content creation, sorting, refining and selling. But maintaining the large editorial staff, subject-matter experts, and associated technology infrastructure required to generate the volumes of content needed to keep information products fresh and customers happy is expensive and time consuming.

Leading information and media companies turn to Innodata to help them generate original content using our pool of highly certified subject-matter experts and experienced editorial staff. Our flexible resource model takes advantage of the best resources and talent globally, while maintaining favorable cost structures.

We also work with media companies that aggregate, enhance and repackage content from internet-based primary and secondary information sources. Web data can be difficult to source: manual processes are inefficient, and rulesā€based scripts are expensive to maintain.

Innodata provides automated website crawling and content downloading, and site change detection and reporting from multiple online sources. Using in-house tools or technology from our partner Connotate, Innodata provides content acquisition solutions to ensure information services companies have complete and timely coverage of all relevant sources.

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