Management and delivery

Content may be the engine driving today’s digital economy, but it can often be difficult to extract from existing management and content delivery systems, or to enrich raw data into assets that end-customers will pay for. Data can be missing or incomplete, exist in a mix of types (e.g., structured or unstructured) and final content may be required in multiple formats and distribution channels, making it difficult to create efficient digital content workflows.

Innodata has partnered with leading database and digital content workflow solutions providers, including Alfresco and MarkLogic, to help optimize digital content workflows and make better use of siloed information.

Together, Innodata and our solution partners can help information and media companies to:

  • Automate content acquisition
  • Analyze and optimize digital-data/XML-workflows to create operational efficiencies
  • Monetize data assets
  • Make better decisions
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Convert and repurpose historical or new documents into new content sets
  • Ease search, increase discoverability of tagged data within content using semantics /schema consulting (document review, analysis, treatment and classification)
  • Increase content value with personalized content sets

Innodata professionals know and understand complex digital-data workflows. Contact us today to learn about how our technology and people can effectively address your content management needs.

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