Content supply chain optimization

Developing, assembling, packaging and distributing content are complicated tasks requiring specialized expertise and technology to accomplish. Large information and media companies often require multiple stages to accomplish each process. They are frequently worked upon by different organizations, each potentially using their own legacy processes or technologies that have been built or acquired over time and that are expensive to maintain. These factors often complicate the already difficult task of producing content, making it more expensive and time-consuming than necessary.

That’s why media and information companies turn to Innodata to help optimize their content workflow and supply chains. Our comprehensive process thoroughly examines the applications and tools used for content production today (the “as-is” state), identifying the shortcomings, gaps, bottlenecks and potential improvement areas with those tools and workflows. We then develop a vision for the “future” state that reduces complexity and redundancies, and enables new products.

As part of the process, Innodata works with our customers to define the ROI and business case for change and provide a roadmap for implementing the suggested improvements. We can also deliver and implement the future state roadmap. Moreover, as required, Innodata can provide integrated workflow management and editorial services with service level and savings guarantees.

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