Transformation and enrichment

Creating compelling and engaging content is only part of the challenge for information services companies. If content is hard to find or isn’t in the right format, it won’t be used by customers and can’t generate return on investment. That’s where data transformation and enrichment can pay dividends.

Innodata’s services help to ensure your content is easy to discover and access. We provide highly accurate, large-scale digitization services to transform content from paper and image formats into digital text.

Our enhancement and analysis services configure digital text into high-value information products and knowledge repositories that are enriched, structured, normalized and referenced. We provide these services using a globally distributed workforce and advanced technologies that automate portions of our process and help ensure that our work is highly accurate and consistent. For industry-specific enhancement and analysis, we maintain staff in a wide spectrum of disciplines, including medicine, law engineering, management, finance, science and the humanities.

Our enrichment services include:

  • Abstracts
  • Citations
  • Classification
  • Editorial Services
  • Entity Tagging
  • Keywords and Indexes
  • Linking
  • Metadata
  • XML Markup

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