For Enterprises

Organizations have long used business intelligence and data-driven solutions to help make better decisions, faster. What differentiates data-driven enterprises is that they have fully embraced and adopted the culture and technology to continually use analytics to make fact-based business decisions.

This means the data-driven approach extends beyond the C-suite to line-of-business and functional leaders in sales, marketing, finance, and operations, who can use data to quickly make evidence-based decisions and lead their organizations to business and operational success.

It can be difficult, however, for an enterprise to become fully data driven. All organizations have data in one form or another, but their ability to collect, cleanse, integrate, manage, access, secure, govern, and analyze that data can vary wildly. Understanding how all these capabilities integrate and provide the right data to the right people at the right time is a highly specialized skill, and some of the capabilities required are difficult or impractical to perform internally.

That’s why organizations turn to Innodata to help them realize their data-driven goals. Our experienced data scientists can help make sense of the glut of data that exists within or external to all organizations, identify what’s relevant, and help establish a digital-data workflow that ensures the right data gets into the right hands to help make informed business decisions.

We also provide many of the capabilities required to refine raw data into actionable intelligence, including:

  • Machine learning solutions
  • Database remediation and maintenance
  • Creating complete digital-data workflows

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