Creating complete digital data workflows

Creating complete digital data workflows

Developing, packaging and distributing information within an organization are complicated tasks that require specialized expertise and technology to accomplish. Businesses often use multiple stages to accomplish each operation. And they are frequently worked upon by different internal or external organizations, each potentially using their own legacy processes or technologies that have been built or acquired over time and which are expensive to maintain.

That’s why data-driven enterprises turn to Innodata to help optimize their data acquisition, refinement and distribution. Innodata works with industry leading partners to create value from inaccessible or siloed information across multiple departments and databases.

We offer digital data workflow analysis, implementation and management to make better decisions, drive new revenue streams, and create efficiency within your operations.

Innodata provides:

  • The domain expertise to help optimize digital-data workflows and leverage siloed information
  • Flexible implementation options (e.g., end-to-end or specific pieces; cloud-based or on-premises)
  • Industry-leading content acquisition, content management and database partners
  • Optional content creation and/or editorial services to monetize data assets and reach more customers/members with the information they need.

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