For Publishers

As a publisher, you know that the digital data revolution brings both existential threats and unprecedented opportunities for growth. You also know that seizing opportunity means capitalizing on macro trends and emerging publishing technology.

Many leading publishers turn to Innodata to help. We have coupled nearly 30 years of diverse publishing sector experience with leading-edge machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that we have adapted for next-generation publishing processes to unlock your content and deliver it to new audiences, in new formats, and in new ways.

Our capabilities include:

  • Content supply chain optimization to help you define and achieve your publishing and business goals.
  • Technology-enabled managed services that let you focus on securing and marketing the best content, while our experts manage the back-end publishing mechanics.
  • Multi-channel, XML-first publishing workflows that ensure your content is produced efficiently and for the widest possible audience.

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