Managed Services

Publishers have traditionally relied on home-grown tools and internal staff to create, review, edit, design, typeset, digitize, and deliver their content to retail partners. But with constant changing technology and the availability of global, highly-trained resources, publishers are finding that outsourcing some – or all – of the production process allows them to focus on activities where they can add the most value, such as author recruitment, product innovation, and marketing.

A complete managed service offering

Publishers of all sizes can benefit by taking advantage of the flexibility and economies of scale made possible by Innodata’s full-service publishing processes. Many leading publishing and information services organizations have entrusted Innodata with complete ownership and responsibility for end-to-end content delivery.

We work closely with our customers to understand how they do business today, identify their strategic goals and objectives and define a future state and critical success factors, resource requirements, training needs, and quality-assurance systems. We then create customized solutions to meet their objectives, both today and in the future. We achieve success by developing detailed, objective specifications, performing thorough proof-of-concepts, putting in place detailed, measurable quality gates, and working with our customers with total transparency.

In addition, we commit to continual improvement, keeping pace with the latest technology advances on your behalf. We build into our programs continuous innovation paths from the beginning, incorporating new technologies and methodologies to drive improvements in quality and reduce cycle time and cost.

Innodata has a solid track record of optimizing business processes for blue-chip organizations worldwide. While every engagement is unique – and flexibility and openness to new thinking is required from all parties – our proven approach to managing content supply chains delivers measurable business outcomes.

AI and Machine Learning-Enabled Platform

Innodata’s Digital Data Services platform is an integrated system of cloud-based, AI-enabled application modules for web scraping, PDF extraction, XML semantic tagging/parsing, reference detection and linking, data extraction, data categorization, and taxonomy indexing (among others). The modules can be applied to any phase of a digital workflow either collectively or discretely. As a result, we can quickly deploy best-in-class technologies and ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

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