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The Right Data to Train Your Virtual Assistants and Chatbots to Have the Right Conversations

High Quality Data to Develop Effective Conversational Solutions

From chatbots to virtual assistants, conversational AI products are only as smart as the technology and data behind them. At Innodata, we make sure that you have the right data to accurately bridge conversations between humans and machines.

Combining our deep understanding of conversational AI data requirements with experienced AI resources and technologies, we deliver high-quality datasets to help train your virtual assistants or chatbots to seamlessly interact, engage and converse with humans.


We have teams of experts that support all processes required to build the data needed for conversational AI products, from data aggregation and taxonomy development to the creation of intents and utterances and labelling and annotation.


We take data security and privacy seriously and we’re certified to handle the most sensitive and highly regulated data.


With access to on-demand teams, we can process and build datasets within your set time frame at a large scale.


No crowdsourcing – we only utilize accredited and certified experts in the required domains across a variety of use cases such as travel, finance and human resources.


We utilize advanced processes and technologies coupled with process control techniques developed over 30 years building the world’s highest quality data products.


24/7 global operations supporting data in 25+ languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and languages in Cyrillic and Roman script.

Meet an Expert

“Conversational AI requires foundational data to understand how humans speak.”

Sam Burr Director of Business Development at Innodata

Sam Burr- Data Engineering Specialist

Sam helps clients develop strategies that enable them to manage, distribute and exploit the full potential of data using AI-based solutions. He is passionate about helping his clients unlock value from their structured and unstructured data using ML & AI.

Conversational AI Services to Help Enhance Key Initiatives

Innodata offers a number of capabilities to meet a variety of needs for building conversational AI products:

Customer Support Chatbots

Train your chatbots or virtual assistants to better understand intents and utterances to enhance customer experience.

Sales & Marketing Chatbots

Train your chatbots to market and sell your products by providing the right product information to your potential customers

Travel Booking Assistants

Enable automated booking assistants to accurately understand booking requests and provide the correct responses and travel support.

Human Resource Service Delivery

Automate delivery of human resource services with chatbots including employee engagement, personalized messaging and communication.

REcommendation Engines

Provide intelligent recommendations on topics such as food and drinks, travel and tourism, education and personalized learning.

Deep Expertise Across Various Data Processes

Our teams support all processes required to build the data needed for any type of conversational AI product:

Large Data Aggregation

Automatically aggregate data from web sources

Taxonomy Development

Build taxonomies and ontologies for your platform

Labelling & Data Annotation

Label and annotate data to create structured datasets

Creating Intents & Utterances

Create intents and utterances for training your platform

Bring Intelligence to Your Digital Engagements

Conversational AI Success Stories

We help some of the world’s leading brands build their conversational AI products.

Virtual Assistant

Travel Booking Company Deploys AI Booking Assistant Chatbot

Recommendation Engine

Leading Cruise Operator Builds Travel Recommendation Engine


Global Organization Automates HR Service Delivery to Employees

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