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Data Annotation

With 4,000+ subject matter experts and production-grade platforms, no job is too big or complex

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Five Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Data Annotation

High Quality Training Data to Accelerate AI and Machine Learning

Highest-quality annotation of text, images, audio and video data for complex models. Ideal for computer vision, sentiment analysis, entity linking, text categorization, and syntactic parsing and tagging models.

High Accuracy

World-class workflows and easy-to-use interfaces coupled with process control techniques developed over 30 years building the world’s highest quality data products.

Domain Experts

No crowdsourcing - only accredited experts. Internal, certified SMEs employed for projects in healthcare, law, sciences and finance.

Efficient, Fast Results

Jump-start efforts with transferred learning using our out-of-the-box multiclass ML Catalyst™ models.

Data Security

We’re certified to handle the most sensitive and highly regulated data.

Data Annotation Services

From complex documents to vital images, our experts precisely tag the data you need to train your models.

Image & Video

From faces to places, power your computer vision models with high-quality image data.

Images | Videos | Facial Recognition | Satellite Photos | Drones
data annotation at Innodata


Train your models with data annotated from the most complex documents.
Entity Extraction | Sentiment Analysis | Text Classification | Linguistics

Speech & Audio

Scale your AI models & ensure model flexibility with diverse speech/audio data.

Various Languages | Dialects | Dialogue Types | Scenarios/Environments

Content Moderation

Identify & classify inappropriate content so you can do business with confidence.

Brand Reputation | Social Media | Profanity and NSFW

Conversational AI

The right datasets to fuel training data for chatbots and virtual assistants.

Conversational Agents | Intents & Utterances for Chatbots | Transcription | Content Summarization

Deep Expertise Across Diverse Data Formats & Industries

Innodata specializes in data annotation of all types of documents & formats for any industry – no matter how complex



Legal Data

Legislation | Regulatory | Case Law | SEC | International Tax Treaties

Financial Reports

Investor Presentations | Earnings Calls | SEC Documents

Patent Data

Scientific | Chemicals | Drugs | Engineering

Scientific Data

Journals | Abstracts | Conference Proceedings

Medical Records

Pharmacovigilance | Adverse Drug Events | Product Labels

Image & Video

Facial Recognition | Satellite Imagery | Aerial Photography


Transcriptions | Sound Clips | Broadcasts | Intent & Utterances ​

Insurance Claims

Property & Casualty | Life | Medical | Assets

Getting Started is Simple

step 1

Supply your raw data via API or sFTP

step 2

Discuss the training data sets required for your AI models

step 3

Define format and schema for your annotated data

step 4

Define service level agreements
Data Annotation In Action
Success Stories

Learn how we’re helping our clients secure the ground truth they need to succeed.

Scientific Publisher Finds the Right Formula for Creating Structured Labeled Data

Bio-Medical & Chemistry SMEs Meticulously Annotate Global Patent Data

Leading Photography Platform Puts Context in Focus Through Annotation of Millions of Images

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