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Innodata Content Moderation
Case Study

Toxicity and Relevance Classification for Social Media

A leading social media platform requires continuous support accurately identifying and classifying irrelevant and inappropriate content to shield users from a range of threats, while also ensuring content moderation does not infringe on free speech.

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Photo by ben o'bro
Case Study

Data Extraction for Mergers and Acquisitions Analytics

A leading financial intelligence company offers a comprehensive database of information on M&A, IPO, private equity, and venture capital. They collect structured and unstructured data comprised of 84 fields of interest within news items from 5 sources. Because manually processing the unstructured data is both resource- and time-intensive, they sought an elegant solution to automate this process.

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Dexai Kitchen Robot Alfred
News & Events

Innodata Expands AI Capabilities to Support Robotics Initiatives

Innodata expanded its capabilities to support large-scale robotics artificial intelligence initiatives such as Dexai Robotics’ AI Kitchen Robot, Alfred.
“Innodata is playing a critical role in training and hardening the AI behind Dexai’s food service automation robots.” Anthony Tayoun, Dexai Robotics Founder and CFO/COO​

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Continuous Learning for Context Recognition in Images
Case Study

Continuous Learning for Facial Recognition in Images

On-demand, flexible, and scalable data annotation team delivers near real-time judgments on the accuracy of the model’s predictions. Annotators must distinguish key features and vote on whether they match the model generated recommendation. Each photo is initially voted on by two annotators…

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Toronto Machine Learning Summit

Visit the Innodata virtual event booth November 19th for the presentation “Bogged Down by Annotation, Why SMEs Should Do the Heavy Lifting” with Innodata’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer. REGISTER HERE to join us! Can’t make the event? Just want the case studies? No problem! Tell us where to send them Speak To An Expert

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Innodata Teams Up With Re•Work AI in Finance Virtual Summit

Innodata’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer Rahul Singhal will present at the AI in Finance Virtual Summit. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to join us on September 17th and 18th. Additional details can be found here: The event is RE•WORK’S LARGEST VIRTUAL SUMMIT!• Presentations from world-leading experts on the latest researchadvancements and real-world

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