AI-Enabled Medical Records Data Extraction & Analysis Platform

Digital Risk Analysis for Life, Disability and Critical Care Insurance Companies

Review Medical Records with Greater Efficiency & Effectiveness

Create the Foundational Data Layer to Enable AI-Augmented Underwriting

Innodata’s Synodex™ Platform serves a range of clients who depend on medical information to make critical business decisions. We offer the ability to unlock the contents of paper and imaged medical documents  (including EHR) and turn them into usable, computer-addressable information. Our goal is to help you save expert time, become more efficient, and make more accurate decisions, resulting in faster cycle time, improved underwriting, and the operational and business advantages you seek.

Synodex powered by Innodata

Platform Features


Ensure quality and consistency in identifying critical medical data


Improve productivity and speed up cycle times

Format Agnostic

Imports medical records in multiple formats and file types including EHR


Scale to process high volumes of records during peak periods


Optional data integration for even greater efficiencies

Write More. Read Less.

Secure the insights you require for even the most complex underwriting and claim decisions.


We start by extracting from your incoming medical records (APSs) for all of the data necessary for medical underwriting decisions.


Next, we process the extracted data using an extensive, customizable rules base.


Finally, we provide extracted data back to you as XML with industry-standard codes such as ICD-10 and MIB and in the form of a PDF report.

Key Benefits

Innodata's Life Insurance Application
Turn medical records into precise data

Learn more about our medical data record extraction platform.

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