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Insights and best practices for unraveling the complexities of digital data

Demystifying AI: Your Ultimate AI Term Glossary

Your essential guide to AI terminology, providing a detailed term list for clear understanding.

Data Challenges in AI: User Perspectives and Insights

Discover findings on data needs, practices, and challenges from decision-makers and end-users of top AI companies.
User Interviews

The Latest Framework for Building Datasets & Driving AI Accuracy

Discover the principles of a data-centric approach to AI.

Zoning Documents for Data Extraction

Learn why zoning content within PDF’s and categorizing them into different zone types is an essential endeavor for creating training datasets.

Accelerate AI with Data Annotation

Discover 9 best practices for creating effective training data from leading data-driven companies.


The Art & Science of Data Annotation

Innodata and Société Generale’s Lourenco Miranda discuss how to prepare data for machine learning.

4 Steps to Build Truly Intelligent Machine Learning Models

Before investing time and money in machine learning, discover some of the key requirements needed to build an effective AI application.

Data Annotation is the Fuel that Drives AI

Explore the 4 different types of data annotation modalities being used to create training data for machine learning.

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Started with Data Annotation

Before you begin with any data annotation project, it's important to consider the following questions.

4 Critical Requirements for Building Truly Intelligent AI Models

Think you’re ready for AI? Make sure you have these 4 critical steps in order.


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Demystifying AI: Your Ultimate AI Term Glossary

User Interviews Report

Data Challenges in AI: User Perspectives and Insights