Data Engineering for the Next Generation of AI

Innodata solves your toughest data engineering challenges using artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Innodata provides the full-suite of services and products you need to power your data-centric AI initiatives.

AI Lifecycle Solutions

Generative AI Services

Whether your company chooses to build its own models, fine-tune existing models, or adopt a large language model as-is, Innodata offers end-to-end services and support.

Data Collection Innodata

Build, Maintain & Augment Your Models

Data Collection

Customized natural and synthetic data collection for AI model training.

Train AI and ML Models

Data Annotation

We securely and efficiently collect & label your most complex and sensitive data, delivering near-100% accurate ground truth for AI and ML models.

Text Annotation
applied AI Innodata

Harness Powerful AI In Your Operations

Applied AI Services

Achieve operational efficiencies in routine, knowledge-intensive work with AI-first expert augmentation.

Intelligent Platforms

Easy-to-Use, Mission-Specific Platforms Built with the Highest Quality Data + AI
Data Annotation Platform

Create training data for AI Systems by combining human-operated tools & active learning. Upload highly complex documents and unstructured content and promptly output data using the record & document classification and image & inline annotation workbenches.

Document Intelligence Platform

Turn your document data into intelligence with the leading AI-powered data extraction platform. Utilize our out-of-the-box or industry-specific pre-trained AI models to extract data from any complex document in seconds.

Medical Record Data Extraction

Our Synodex™ platform turns medical records into digital data to enable augmented automated underwriting (AAU) and data-enabled analytics with greater efficiency and quality.

News Distribution & Media Monitoring

Our platform combines the highest-quality, most comprehensive database of traditional and social media influencers worldwide, and a fully-indexed big data repository to improve the lifecycle of your PR initiatives.

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(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a global data engineering company delivering the promise of AI to many of the world’s most prestigious companies. We provide AI-enabled software platforms and managed services for AI data collection/annotation, AI digital transformation, and industry-specific business processes. Our low-code Innodata AI technology platform is at the core of our offerings. In every relationship, we honor our 30+ year legacy delivering the highest quality data and outstanding service to our customers.


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