We Make Data For The World's Most Valuable Companies

Innodata solves your toughest data engineering challenges using artificial intelligence and human expertise.​

From Info to Intel

Innodata provides the services and solutions you need to harness digital data at scale and drive digital disruption in your industry.

Train AI and ML Models

Data Annotation

We securely and efficiently collect & label your most complex and sensitive data, delivering near-100% accurate ground truth for AI and ML models.

Turn Text Into Data

Data Transformation

Our easy-to-use API ingests your unstructured data (such as contracts and medical records) and generates normalized, schema-compliant structured XML for your downstream applications and analytics.

Clean, Maintain & Augment Your Database

Data Curation

We ensure that your mission-critical databases are accurate and always up-to-date.

Harness Powerful AI In Your Operations

Intelligent Automation

Achieve operational efficiencies in routine, knowledge-intensive work with AI-first expert augmentation.

Intelligent Data Platforms

Easy-to-Use, Mission-Specific Platforms Built with the Highest Quality Data + AI

Our intelligent data platforms are the disruptive tools you need to drive operational improvements and gain prescriptive and predictive data-driven insights.

Text Annotation

Create training data for AI Systems by combining human-operated tools & active learning. Upload highly complex documents and unstructured pieces of content and promptly output data that can be used to generate more informed insights.

Medical Record Data Extraction

Our Synodex™ platform turns medical records into digital data to enable augmented automated underwriting (AAU) and data-enabled analytics with greater efficiency and quality.

Contract Data Analytics

Our docAnalytics™ platform turns complex financial documents and contracts into digital data to enable automated and semi-automated operations, regulatory compliance/reporting, and data-driven insights.

News Distribution & Media Monitoring

Our Agility™ platform combines the highest-quality, most comprehensive database of traditional and social media influencers world-wide, and a fully-indexed big data repository to improve the lifecycle of your PR initiatives.

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(NASDAQ: INOD) Innodata is a leading data engineering company. Prestigious companies across the globe turn to Innodata for help with their biggest data challenges. By combining advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) technologies, a global workforce of over 3,000 subject matter experts, and a high-security infrastructure, we’re helping usher in the promise of digital data and ubiquitous AI.