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Technology And Its Impact On The Insurance Sector

Innodata:  What is the impact of technology on Insurance?  Meg:     In the age of Amazon, taking more than two days to do anything is unacceptable.   This includes acquiring a new policy, placing a claim, or receiving a settlement check.  Traditional Insurance institutions must leverage technology to operate at high speeds with personalized service.  The

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Innodata Teams Up With Re•Work AI in Finance Virtual Summit

Innodata’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer Rahul Singhal will present at the AI in Finance Virtual Summit. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to join us on September 17th and 18th. Additional details can be found here: The event is RE•WORK’S LARGEST VIRTUAL SUMMIT!• Presentations from world-leading experts on the latest researchadvancements and real-world

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Innodata Public Health Legislation Monitoring

Monitoring Public Health Regulations During Covid-19

Monitoring Government & State Regulations for Businesses Managing Ever-Evolving Mandates Local businesses and organizations are finding the ever-evolving changes to government and state regulations overwhelming and hard to stay ahead of.  While governmental agencies are issuing rules and regulations almost daily to keep up with the changing Covid-19 situation, and rightly so, the pace of

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Document annotation by innodata

The Strange Case of Document Analysis and Text Processing

The Strange Case of Document Analysis and Text Processing An Ode to a Document When people ask me what I do for a living, I proudly answer: I drive technology innovation for a company that does Document Processing and Analysis. The reaction I receive is typically a blank gaze. Let me explain why Document Analysis

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Understanding the Role of Taxonomies, Ontologies, Schemas and Knowledge Graphs

The Often-Forgotten but Critical Step in Scaling AI and Machine Learning When most people think of artificial intelligence (AI) they conjure up notions of advanced machine learning algorithms, deep neural networks or computational cybernetics. You know, the sexy, futuristic-sounding concepts that are having an impact on the world around us. What doesn’t come to mind

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