Data Matters: Our thoughts and views on the state of digital data

Smart Data is at the Heart of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence seems to be everywhere you look these days, this article notwithstanding. But seriously, while AI is commonly seen as a complex but innovative solution for curing diseases and fostering social good, today it is being applied to accomplish everything from drafting a better fantasy football team to help craft pick-up lines (how you

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Infographic – 4 Types of Data Annotation

Data annotation (also referred to as data labeling) is quite critical to ensuring your AI and machine learning projects can scale. It provides that initial setup for training a machine learning model with what it needs to understand and how to discriminate against various inputs to come up with accurate outputs. There are many different

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What is Zoning and Why Does it Matter for Artificial Intelligence?

How Innodata Extracts Data from Complex Documents As companies look for ways to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they need as much data as feasibly possible to train and improve their models. The challenge lies in obtaining the right data, in the right formats and systems, and in the right quantity.

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Quick Ways to Build Machine Learning Datasets

Free Whitepaper There was a time when working with big data was not technically possible because our computing capabilities couldn’t handle the amount of information that was involved.  Boy, have times changed. Today, the explosion of digital data that is available to us, coupled with astonishing advancements in computing power, has fueled excitement about transformative

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To Boldly Go Where No Data Has Gone Before

How Data from Satellites are Driving New Business Opportunities As a child I would often gaze up at the stars and wonder what lied behind the darkness of space. Today we know a lot more about the solar system thanks to satellite technology. And while space exploration has traditionally been controlled and owned by government

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Webinar Reveals the Typical Spend and Needs for Data Annotation

Lourenco Miranda understands the role data annotation plays in driving the right business decisions for his company. As the regional head of capital management, resolution (risk), and model risk management at Société Genérale, he needs access to up-to-the-minute information that is unbiased, ethical, and most importantly, accurate. “If we train our models with the wrong

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