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Social Media Monitoring Suicidal Intent CS sm

Social Media Monitoring for Suicide Intent​

A government agency in Canada needed an AI solution to accurately assess public opinion on the topic of suicide through the analysis of online social media feeds. The agency required ongoing data on trends, as well as risk and protective factors associated with suicide-related behaviors among various population groups.

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Data Extraction for Mergers and Acquisitions Analytics

A leading financial intelligence company offers a comprehensive database of information on M&A, IPO, private equity, and venture capital. They collect structured and unstructured data comprised of 84 fields of interest within news items from 5 sources. Because manually processing the unstructured data is both resource- and time-intensive, they sought an elegant solution to automate this process.

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Content Moderation by Innodata

6 Reasons To Use Content Moderation

Content Moderation refers to the process of ensuring user-generated content upholds platform-specific guidelines and rules to establish the suitability of the content for publishing. When a user submits content to your website, it is your responsibility to ensure it is appropriate, legal, and meets the regulations of your website.

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Continuous Learning for Context Recognition in Images

Continuous Learning for Facial Recognition in Images

On-demand, flexible, and scalable data annotation team delivers near real-time judgments on the accuracy of the model’s predictions. Annotators must distinguish key features and vote on whether they match the model generated recommendation. Each photo is initially voted on by two annotators…

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