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High-quality Training Data for AI and Computer Vision

High-Quality Annotated Data Powering Computer Vision Technologies

Delivering precision training, validation, and ground-truth data for dynamic images, video, and sensor data. Fusing AI-enabled platforms and subject matter experts, we accelerate your process without sacrificing quality so your team can focus on innovation. 

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Powerful Tools to Train Your AI Models

Image Classification by Innodata


Tags can be used to describe visible features and to classify whole images, particular areas, items, and specific attributes. Classification tags help organize and define categories that train image and video classifiers. They are the foundation for machine learning models and can be paired with other types of annotation.  Ideal for: search, recommendation engines, and discovery platforms.

Bounding Box by Innodata

Bounding Box

A bounding box is a rectangle drawn around the extremities of an object of interest to define its X and Y coordinates. Ideal for object identification, classification, and localization, damage assessment for auto insurance, product identification for retail and product anomaly detection for manufacturing.

Polygon Annotation by Innodata


Polygons allow annotators to create pixel-perfect silhouettes of amorphous entities. This accuracy is crucial for Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, Instance Segmentation, Volumetric Segmentation, and composite objects. Ideal for: search, recommendation engines, and discovery platforms.

Lines and Splines by Innodata

Lines and Splines

Lines are a series of points that can be used to define slope, direction, or edge. They define non-visible attributes of objects like mid-points and trajectories. Splines are a series of continuous irregular curves that allow the annotator to create a curve that is as close to a perfect fit of the data points as possible. Lines and splines are used to train regressor networks and keypoint detectors. Ideal for defining lane markings and interpolation.

Facial Recognition by Innodata

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition relies on distinguishing subtle key attributes of a person’s face at a range of angles and in diverse lighting. Several tools including bounding boxes, persistent ID tracking across frames, and facial keypoints can be used in tandem to facilitate facial recognition. Ideal for security and identity confirmation, driver safety, organizing photography and video, emotional intelligence, and social media. 

Point Cloud by Innodata

Point Cloud

By fusing 3D LiDAR sensor data with 2D images and videos, annotators are able to create cuboid annotations to track 3 dimensional objects across space and time. Ideal for autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Keypoint Annotation by Innodata


A point that defines an object or demarcates part of an object. A series of keypoints is called a point map, which is used to show the pose of an object. Ideal for keypoint detection & mapping, showing movement, and 6Dof object pose, sports analysis and medicine, virtual and augmented reality, robotic manipulation and visual navigation. 

The Innodata Process

An End-to-End Approach


Consultation with dedicated account manager. Generate test pilot to fine-tune annotation specifications to meet client’s ML needs. Align image, video, and sensor data annotation goals. Establish quality metrics, KPIs, & SLAs. A flexible & iterative approach.


A tailored team of in-house SMEs selected based on project requirements and individual domain expertise. Annotators complete a customized training program after which they receive a weekly audit reports, showing the results of auto-validation, random QC spot checks, and KPI performance evaluations. ​


Our annotation platform offers unparalleled control of annotation workflows with cutting edge tooling. Time-to-value enhancers augment and streamline work. Pixel-perfect output. Infinite scale. ​


Continuous delivery of high-quality ground truth image, video, and sensor data to power  your AI and computer vision technologies. Secure data transfers.  Strengthen model weaknesses with iterative batches to facilitate active learning.  ​

Our Team of Data Experts

Our team is comprised of data experts, with years of developing strategies that enables companies to manage and distribute data using AI-based solutions. Book a time that works for you and let us help develop a custom solution for your unique needs.

Our Expertise at Work Across Diverse Industries  

Whether you need pixel-perfect polygons to augment radiology diagnostics or bounding boxes to optimize image search, our best-in-class annotation solution delivers ground truth data for any situation. 

Facial Recognition by Innodata

Facial Recognition

Preparing matching image sets · Identifying unique attributes · Matching accessories · etc.

Object & Metadata Identification

Any object and data of interest such as: Vehicles · Homes · Buildings · Roofs · Shipments · Containers · Packages


Environment Mapping & Learning · Obstacle Detection · Product Anomaly Identification · Preventive Maintenance

image categorization by innodata

Image Categorization

Stock Image Keywords · Categories for search and recommendation engines

Lidar Annotation by Innodata

Autonomous Vehicles

3D Point Clouds with image & short range/long-focused LiDAR data ·  Trajectory Planning · Labeling for Pedestrians · Intersections  · Traffic Lights · Bikes · Objects

aerial photography labeling by innodata

Aerial Photography

Satellites · Drones · Topography and others

Logistics annotation by innodata


Container data from yards · Identification of assets movement in lots

consumer product data annotation by innodata

Consumer Products

Autonomous Checkout · Shelf Inventory Levels · Grabbing of Product to Basket · Aisle Analysis · Product Matching


Plastic Waste Identification · Environmental Analysis · Organics & Food Waste Assessment

aerial image farming data by innodata

Precision Farming

Crop & Soil Demarcation · Precision Pesticide Application · Crop Anomaly Detection

Kiosk Data Annotation by Innodata

Consumer Kiosks

Behavior Analysis ·  Mood Assessment · Product Selection Guidance · Concierge Greetings

car insurance annotation by innodata

Automotive Insurance

Damage Assessment · Car Parts Identification · Claims Images

Pricing Packages

Image & Video Annotation Services

We offer cost effective packages while maintaining the highest quality.  All of our packages include:  
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Lidar Annotation by Innodata

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To push autonomous vehicles into gear, ML teams need more than big data – they need smart data. This means investing in sophisticated tools to annotate image, video, and sensor data and acquiring expertise to make critical judgements that inform safe behavior on the road.

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