Data Annotation

Image & Video Annotation

High-quality Training Data for AI and Computer Vision

High-Quality Annotated Data Powering AI Applications and Computer Vision Technologies

Delivering accurate training, validation and ground-truth data for dynamic images and video. Fusing AI-enabled platforms and subject matter experts, we accelerate your process without sacrificing quality so your team can focus on more pressing tasks.

Bounding Box


Lines & Splines




Facial Recognition

Point Cloud

Image & Video Services

Our annotation solutions and API connection provide human-powered, accurate ground truth data for any situation.

Facial Recognition by Innodata

Facial Recognition

Preparing matching image sets · Identifying unique attributes · Matching accessories · etc.

Object & Metadata Identification

Any object and data of interest such as: Vehicles · Homes · Buildings · Roofs · Shipments · Containers · Packages


Environment Mapping & Learning · Obstacle Detection · Product Anomaly Identification · Preventive Maintenance

image categorization by innodata

Image Categorization

Stock Image Keywords · Categories for search and recommendation engines

Lidar Annotation by Innodata

Autonomous Vehicles

3D Point Clouds with image & short range/long-focused LiDAR data ·  Trajectory Planning · Labeling for Pedestrians · Intersections  · Traffic Lights · Bikes · Objects

aerial photography labeling by innodata

Aerial Photography

Satellites · Drones · Topography and others

Logistics annotation by innodata


Container data from yards · Identification of assets movement in lots

consumer product data annotation by innodata

Consumer Products

Autonomous Checkout · Shelf Inventory Levels · Grabbing of Product to Basket · Aisle Analysis · Product Matching



Plastic Waste Identification · Environmental Analysis · Organics & Food Waste Assessment

aerial image farming data by innodata

Precision Farming

Crop & Soil Demarcation · Precision Pesticide Application · Crop Anomaly Detection

Kiosk Data Annotation by Innodata

Consumer Kiosks

Behavior Analysis ·  Mood Assessment · Product Selection Guidance · Concierge Greetings

car insurance annotation by innodata

Automotive Insurance

Damage Assessment · Car Parts Identification · Claims Images


We combine the best tools and techniques with highly-trained subject matter experts to ensure a seamless workflow that incorporates extensive reviews.


We take data security and privacy seriously and employ several measures to ensure your data is secure and confidential.


No matter the project, our team can be trained to annotate images per requirement in a timely fashion to meet your needs within your desired environment.


With access to an on-demand team, we can process and annotate large qualities of images within your set timeframe.

Meet an Expert

Innodata's Ravi Pardesi

Ravi Pardesi- VP, Data Solutions​

Ravi helps clients in developing strategies that enables them to manage and distribute data using AI-based solutions. He is passionate about unlocking value from structured and unstructured data using AI.

Image & Video Annotation Platform

Our AI-enabled platform bridges machine learning, humans-in-the-loop and superior project management tools for optimization of any video or image annotation job.

Expertise Across Diverse Industries

People & Faces

24 hour, large volume annotation project of photographs.

Inventory & Assets

Labeled aerial images tracking physical assets to train ML models.

Satellite Images

Annotated images with geographical locations of oil deposits.

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