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Annotation Platform Releases Powerful New AI Capabilities — Innodata

Innodata Enhances Annotation Platform with Powerful New AI Capabilities

Innodata is excited to announce that the company has rolled out powerful new features within its web-based, SaaS Annotation Platform, originally released in November 2021. 

Innodata strives to provide a platform that is user-focused, intuitive, and simple to operate. With the introduction of Innodata’s proprietary horizontal AI technology, the Annotation Platform serves up a no-code loop of machine learning, training, and application while enabling auto-annotation and high-confidence level suggestions. Innodata’s auto annotation offering, initially available for the record classification workbench, will allow users to reduce costs, accelerate annotation speed, and improve workflows. 

Auto Annotation Workbench

In addition to record and document classification, the platform also now features inline classification and image annotation workbenches. With inline annotation, users can annotate named entities, such as people, organizations, and events, and establish relationships and groupings thanks to relationship tagging. While the image annotation workbench, unlike any other product on the market, supports both bounding box creation and point-labeling. 


Innodata is dedicated to listening to real-world pain points for inspiration and insight on how to innovate. Consistently collecting customer feedback and conducting field research is the driving force behind the platform’s strong product roadmap, packed full of dynamic features. Innodata plans to continue product iteration of the Annotation Platform, regularly releasing unique innovations that fill the holes left by other products on the market.  

Learn more about the Annotation Platform’s new features and its available packages or request a free 30-day trial today.  

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