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New Partnership With Snowflake — Innodata

Innodata Partners Up with Snowflake to Bolster Data Accessibility

Since launching the Innodata AI Data Marketplace last April – an e-commerce portal where users can purchase on-demand datasets – Innodata has since expanded its efforts in accelerating AI accessibility through easy access to high-quality data.  

Innodata is excited to announce it has partnered with Snowflake, a cloud computing-based data warehouse company, to extend access to Innodata’s proprietary synthetic data documents through Snowflake’s data marketplace as well.  

Like Innodata’s AI Data Marketplace, Snowflake’s Data Marketplace now features synthetic invoices and synthetic purchase orders developed by Innodata’s in-house experts. Offered in multiple languages, the datasets are designed to help data science teams overcome common data challenges, like privacy constraints and lack of variety. Innodata plans to list additional synthetic documents – such as checks, bank statements, and packing lists – on Snowflake’s marketplace as the partnership continues. 

Visit the Innodata AI Data Marketplace to learn more about Innodata’s curated, off-the-shelf datasets.

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