Innodata Plants 2,000 Trees to Help Bring Back India’s Forests

Innodata India is delighted to announce that its i-HOPE team has planted 2,000 trees (and counting!) as part of Project Buniyaad, an environmental sustainability initiative that works to bring back India’s lost forests. Project Buniyaad (a Hindi word for “foundation”) was launched in February 2022 with the goal of restoring natural greenery to Indian cities within which Innodata operates. 

The i-HOPE team has organized tree plantings in multiple locations in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, in the belief that healthy forests are foundational to sustainable living. During such events, the team planted 66 trees in February 2022, 660 trees in June 2022, and 1,274 trees in February 2023 — a total of 2,000 trees to date. 

On February 9th, 2023, i-HOPE hosted a tree planting event in Sector 150, Noida, as Phase 3 of Project Buniyaad. The event was graced by Innodata’s Chief Operating Officer A. K. Mishra, who took this opportunity to affirm the company’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. The tree planting crews included Innodata staff as well as students from nearby GGIC (Government Girls’ Inter College) Ghaziabad. In another recent CSR initiative, Innodata had presented the students of GGIC with 33 technology-enabled classrooms, and the i-HOPE team maintains an ongoing partnership with GGIC’s remarkable young students. 

Innodata’s NGO partner, the Give Me Trees Trust, will be taking care of the new trees on Innodata’s behalf. Give Me Trees is a grassroots, globally recognized, volunteer-based organization that has planted and preserved over 23 million trees, focusing on native species, across India. Give Me Trees will nurture the young forests during their vulnerable first three years of growth, after which they will be self-sustaining.  

Innodata and the i-HOPE team are honored to spearhead this critically important work. They pledge to continue such initiatives as Buniyaad in the hope of building a healthy, sustainable planet for current and future generations.  

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