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Innodata Typhoon Odette Relief Team

Innodata Provides Relief Assistance for Employees Affected by Typhoon Odette

In the wake of Typhoon Odette, the Category 5 storm that hit the Cebu region of the Philippines this past December, Innodata has provided relief efforts to help employees affected by the natural disaster. 

Innodata’s relief team – which consists of around 90 volunteers – immediately met after the storm to account for the status of employees, organize warehouse repair, prepare a temporary return-to-office work facility, secure cash for various necessities, and procure materials for repair work and relief goods.  

Within the week, Innodata started packing and distributing relief care packages, cash advances, and calamity assistance to local employees. From there, team members initiated multiple drives to locate unaccounted employees within Cebu, ensure their safety, and provide them with their relief packages and assistance. In tandem with these efforts, Innodata also commissioned external fundraising for additional relief.  

Innodata is proud of the teamwork, collaboration, and care its employees have exhibited during the recovery process.  

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