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Intelligent Automated Publishing

The customizable digital publishing platform for efficient publishing process management and content authoring.

A Better Way To Create Market-Ready Content

Publishing Automation That Finally Delivers a Single Source of Truth for Publishers and Authors

Innodata’s cloud-based, digital publishing platform is the leading intelligent end-to-end publication lifecycle management system. Integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem to manage asset acquisition, create and transform documents, manage and distribute content for increased operational efficiency, and reduced processing times.

The Next-Generation of Publishing Workflow Software

Step 1 : MANAGE

End-to-end publishing lifecycle management and publishing workflow management to track critical milestones and control user roles and access to specific documents and tasks.

Step 2 : MONITOR

Auto-monitoring of each document footprint across the content chain, from ingestion to final output creation with robust version control for each cycle of updates. Real-time insights for quick tracking and auto-alerts for critical steps within the workflow process.

Step 3 : CREATE

Collaborative content authoring and editing of documents in a simple, intuitive user interface, with built-in validations that support your specific product needs.

Step 4 : PUBLISH

Generate and publish market-ready, multi-format documents seamlessly with manuscript-to-print automation, multi-product publishing, and more.

Start Saving Time and Money Now With Innodata’s Out-of-the-Box Publishing Solution

Platform Features

Highly Secure & Cloud Based

Centralized Process Management

Automated Asset Acquisition

Collaborative Content Authoring

Multi-Output Formats Supported

Dynamic Content Enrichment

Document Management

In-Depth Reporting & Dashboard

3rd Party API Integrations

Automate Your Publishing Workflows Today With Innodata’s End-to-End Publishing Platform
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