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Social Media Monitoring for Suicide Intent

Government agency needed data on suicide-related behaviors


A government agency in Canada needed an AI solution to accurately assess public opinion on the topic of suicide through the analysis of online social media feeds. The agency required ongoing data on trends, as well as risk and protective factors associated with suicide-related behaviors among various population groups.

Social Media Monitoring Suicidal Intent CS sm



Innodata leveraged its Agility platform to monitor online social media platforms via keywords and location and Innodata’s AI/ML-based platform to auto-classify the data based on a suicide-related terms taxonomy. We monitored Twitter, Facebook (public profile pages), and YouTube (video comments only), as well as curated blogs.


The combination of the Agility platform and the platform enabled us to acquire a comprehensive dataset from online platforms and accurately classify the acquired data. This in turn enabled our SME analysts to prepare and deliver comprehensive, actionable findings and reports to the agency.

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