Text Annotation Platform

Seamlessly Convert Raw Text Data into AI Training Data

Discover how you can turn your most complex text documents into AI training data.

Create Training Data for AI Systems by Combining Human-Operated Tools & Active Learning

Innodata’s web-based text annotation platform supports the creation of expertly labelled and annotated data at scale. Built by a team with hands-on experience managing complex data annotation projects, users can upload highly complex documents and unstructured pieces of content and promptly output data that can be used to generate more informed insights and deliver better customer experiences.

Platform Features

A self-service tool for generating text and natural language training data at scale.

Flexible Taxonomies

Supports loading or use of custom taxonomies and delivery of annotated data in formats such as JSON, HTML or XML.

Multiple Configurations

Configurable to address any requirements for labelling and annotation, including support for any input format with highly customizable workbenches.

Scalable Output

Our platform can handle simultaneous processing of thousands of documents by multiple users across different locations.

Highly Secure

We’ve embedded multiple security features within our text annotation platform including user authentication and other access controls.

Project Management & Reporting

A workflow management system that enables workload tracking & work allocation, reporting, configuration of annotation tasks, loading of input files & creation and delivery of datasets.


A robust user interface supports various annotation processes such as single pass, double pass, and double pass blind or inter-annotator agreement process.

Designed to Meet Any Need

Innodata’s text annotation platform can support a variety of annotation goals:

Entity Annotation

Annotate mentions of named entities in a document, such as persons, organizations, facilities, locations and events


Establish relationships between two or more distinct entities


Group two or more annotated entities that refer to the same named entity


Identify annotated entities that play a role in an annotated event and assign the role of the entity in the event


Multiple label identifiers via different agents and scoring for critical datasets


Label any document with the relevant terms from custom taxonomies

Benefits That Matter

Transform complex documents into normalized, computer-addressable datasets
Text Annotation Platform by Innodata

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