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6 Reasons To Use Content Moderation

One way to build your brand recognition and trust is by publishing user-generated content. Even the world’s largest brands depend on user-generated content to rank high in search engine rankings. But publishing this content comes with risk: you have to ensure users portray your brand in the proper light. This is where content moderation comes into the picture. 

What is content moderation

Content Moderation refers to the process of ensuring user-generated content upholds platform-specific guidelines and rules to establish the suitability of the content for publishing. When a user submits content to your website, it is your responsibility to ensure it is appropriate, legal, and meets the regulations of your website. 

content moderation for social media

Social media users generate quintillion bytes of content every day that require monitoring. To keep social media platforms free from unwanted content, experienced moderators work round the clock, guided by the following: 

  • The set rules and social media policy: They determine what can and cannot be posted, deleting any offensive media or posts that amount to bullying or brand bashing. 
  • Determine who can post content: Regulate who can post to your site to prevent trolls from accessing your site and posting inappropriate content. 
  • Set a content strategy: Determine the type of content that users can submit. It should be relevant to your brand and follow the set rules and social media policy. 
  • Creation of the content submission process: It is important for the process to allow content moderators to review the content before posting it. 
  • Monitoring content regularly: Your content moderators should always have an eye on the content being posted to ensure nothing unacceptable slips through their fingers. 

The Benefits of Content Moderation

You need a scalable content moderation process that lets you determine the toxicity of a statement by placing it in its context. The process includes checking the user profile, replies, images, videos, and any links in the post, and researching any strange terms. This would help you classify the content accordingly should it turn out to be toxic. Here is why choosing a content moderation vendor that follows this process is important: 

1) Protect your brand and users 

The content submitted to your website in the form of pictures, videos, or comments on the blog posts and forums, require monitoring. This is because this user-generated content runs the risk of deviating from what your brand deems acceptable. 

You can’t control what people think about your brand, but you can always edit what they post to your site. A team of content moderators in place would ensure that nothing offensive or upsetting gets to your site. It will also protect your audience from possible bullying or trolling by some irrational users. 


2) Understand your customers and users 

Moderating user-generated content can also provide a valuable opportunity for pattern recognition. This is especially the case for high-volume campaigns where your moderators may tag content with particular properties, such as thoughts, attitudes towards your brand, and more. 

The content moderation team can then use this information to design actionable insights into the behavior and opinions of users. It can also help you determine if there are any areas of your brand that need improvement. 


3) Improve online visibility 

Statistics indicate that 25% of search results from some of the largest brands in the world derive from links to user-generated content. You need this content, but you also need to be sure it doesn’t harm the reputation of your brand. 

Allow users to post as much content as they can, but make sure to have a dedicated team of moderators on the ground to sift through the content before publishing it on your website. It may attract quality traffic to your site if it doesn’t include anything offensive or against your brand. 


4) Scale campaigns 

Your sales and marketing campaigns need user generated-content to be more effective. A robust content moderation program can help scale your campaigns without risk of negative effects on your brand. 

If your brand relies on video content submitted by users, such as would be the case when running a contest to popularize your brand, you would need a scalable way to check and review such content. This would ensure you won’t need to hire extra staff for the moderation process. 


5) Improve the buying process and behavior 

Ads through the print media, radio and TV, may not be so effective at persuading or impacting customer behavior in this digital age. Traditional methods such as pop-ups, auto-play videos, banners, and other formats, don’t fare any better as more people are using ad blockers on their browsers. These ad blockers make it more difficult for businesses to reach them. 

Potential buyers are more likely to be exposed to your brand through user-generated content on your site over digital ads. They want to see what others are saying about your brand. The common trend today involves potential buyers seeking opinions or referrals from other buyers when making the decision to make a purchase. Moderated user-generated content would go a long way to improve buyer behavior and the buying process. 

6) Enhance customer relations 

Your website will likely experience enhanced customer relations and credibility if it features content from real customers or users. You need well moderated content on your site to make your brand authentic, relatable, approachable, and friendly. Iyou have a brand worth talking about, your fan base will want to join. 


Having a content moderation team in place is essential to weed out problematic posts that could be offensive, contain insults, threats of violence or even sexual harassment. User-generated content should always be scanned for appropriateness and relevance to your brand and customers 

Increase your brand’s visibility while maintaining a safe community. Keep the content from users flowing in to boost your audience engagement and generate interest in your brand. Partner with a vendor that will build a dedicated team of content moderators who are trained and ready to be your brand advocates. 

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